ABC PT-8 cage controller system.  This system was pulled from an 8 cage set up, and is 3 seasons old. Rock solid, no problems with this system, it replaced a PT-4 system.


8  PT-8 light boxes with red and yellow LED style lights.

8 coin boxes with embed face and PT-8 internals, one coin box is select-a-pitch (no embed swipers, radios or controllers included)

8 swing protector bars to protect the coin box from being hit

1 RJ45 Jack interface panel to go where the old computer interface was

1 lefty panel for select a pitch cage

8 hair dryer relay boxes

3 pastime baseball pitching machines (one machine is select-a-pitch) with speed controllers

4 pastime softball pitching machines with speed controllers

1 hopper motor for the upper ball hoppers, will work for baseball or softball

2 PT-8 programming boards ( you can put one at your old interfac3 an use the second one in the pit for programming.


This cage is set up for all RJ45 wire. ABC makes interface boards that will allow you to use your existing 4 strand wiring to interface with this system.