1 JJ Amusements Double Eagle Go Karts

Blue, Wings, Nerf Bars, Large fuel tank, two 5hp and one 6.5 hp. Kartrol Sensors.


All Karts have been stripped, crack inspected, cleaned and re-assembled.

All bearings checked, cleaned and lubed. Alignments all checked and adjusted. Seatbelts are all good.

Engines all removed, cleaned, compression tested, valves adjusted, carbs cleaned and governors set to factory spec.

Clutches all inspected and rebuilt if necessary. New drive belts, air filters and oil.

Frames repainted where necessary, fenders and side panel tops all repainted.

All include complete axle/drive safety covers. 


Available singly or as a lot purchase.


Also available, Kartrol Exe handheld pit transmitter unit and diagnostic unit. 


Contact Jim @ 484-894-7196 for pricing. Sold As-Is shipping arrangements and payment are buyer’s responsibility.