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The Nature of Play

Park and attraction owners are incorporating technological innovation and adaptation. While children benefit from traditional forms of play that have been around for generations, we may be seeing the nature of play changing in the coming decades. The emphasis will be on new technological innovation and the ability to adapt. The… read more +

Just Add Water

Park owners are now researching ways to engage a wider demographic. By creating interactive and physically active areas, operators can increase length of stay and participation among family members and create unique experiences to draw in new visitors and encourage the return of past visitors. Many new family adventure parks offer family… read more +


J&J's Water Bug "pump" gas-powered bumper boat: the original is still going strong with over 20,000 produced! First patented by J&J in the early 1970's, the first bumper boats were manufactured to add an exciting water activity to fun centers. Since that time, we have improved and refined the design… read more +


With lots of room for sponsor decals, this stylish single-seat design looks the most car-like of all the designs we offer. This closed cockpit kart turns heads as it turns laps. All moving parts are securely covered, and the safety does not stop there: 4-point seat belts, a padded steering… read more +


A stylish, single-seat go kart with room for big riders. All moving parts are covered and guarded to reduce the driver’s exposure. The body features curvaceous styling with flair reminiscent of some Corvette models, while still maintaining plenty of space for selling advertising on the stylish body. Your guests will… read more +