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Sidewinder Double Electric

Utilizing the same safe, durable chassis as its gas-powered counterpart, the electric double-seat Sidewinder has a lot to boast about. The simplified plug-and-play-style electronics make the reliability of this kart second to none. The heavy-duty D&D motor is made specifically for us to maximize the power curve while making it… read more +

Eagle Electric

Simple, rugged, and easy to maintain, the Eagle is the safest open-body kart in the industry. All moving parts are covered and guarded to reduce the risk of exposure while staying very easy for the guest to get into the kart and ready for their race. The open design gives… read more +

Talon Rookie Electric

Simple, rugged, and easy to maintain… just like its big brother Eagle. The Talon go kart is built f or the kids that fall between kiddie karts and adult go karts. Every component is just as tough as their adult go kart counterpart. read more +


The J&J Can-Am single-seat go kart is the go kart that started it all! The Can-Am go kart provided the foundation for all karts that have followed in J&J’s record-setting lineup. J&J's requirements for the Can-Am were that it be easy to maintain, safe, clean and fun to drive. The… read more +

Blaster Boat

The BEST electric bumper boat money can buy! That is a pretty big statement and something that is thrown around a lot, but we wouldn’t say it if we didn’t know that it was true. We started making the electric boat over 15 years ago after seeing the need in… read more +