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Falcon Electric

Keep the family at your park longer by making the younger guests happy. The Falcon kiddie kart is designed to do just that. Suitable for guests aged 5 years and older, they can run 8+ hours on a single charge. The steel frame is designed to last years, with many… read more +


Don’t let the younger drivers leave your parks without feeling the excitement of driving their own kart. The J&J Rookie kart perfect for those guests down to 48 inches tall. The Talon offers the same open feel as the Eagle kart along with safety features including covers and guards on… read more +


Here's the go kart for drivers that don't quite fit into the full-sized karts: it's designed to fill a void for your family of racers. We started with our renowned monocoque chassis and just made some simple design taking 10 inches out of the middle. This shortened-up go kart… read more +

Double Eagle

The matching double-seat version to our popular Eagle single-seat model, Double Eagles allow the passenger the most room of any of our two-seat models, making it very easy for the guest to get into the kart and ready for their race. They are also the safest open-body kart in the… read more +

Sidewinder Double

With lots of room for sponsor decals, this stylish, double-seat design looks the most car-like of all the designs we offer. This closed cockpit kart turns heads as it turns laps. All moving parts are securely covered, and the safety does not stop there: 4-point seat belts, a padded steering… read more +


The J&J Sidekick has it all, including the largest cockpit in the industry! The Sidekick two-seat go kart has revitalized the go kart industry. All moving parts are covered and guarded to reduce the risk of exposure. The stylish Sidekick two-seat body also has the most exterior room for advertising… read more +