The BEST electric bumper boat money can buy! That is a pretty big statement and something that is thrown around a lot, but we wouldn’t say it if we didn’t know that it was true. We started making the electric boat over 15 years ago after seeing the need in the marketplace. The progression we made with design each year brought us to where it is now: an electric version of our bumper boat that will last all day on a single charge and is durable enough to last through year after year of concession use. It is by far the most popular bumper boat we offer, outselling the gas boat 10 to 1. With the built-in water squirter, the guests will be happy and you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank!

Electric Bumper Boat

Bumper Boat NameBlaster Boat
Overall Diameter72″ (182 cm)
Overall Height40″ (101 cm)
Recommended Water Depth
36″ (.91m) nominal
Net Weight
Electric: 390 lb (177 kg)
Battery Type & Capacity
Four 6 volt 220,
Trojan T105, T125, T145 or equivalent
Charge System/Power RequirementsAutomatic 24 volt. 110/220 Vac. 60 Hz 15 amp

Electric Engine

TypeContinuous-duty 3/4 hp (1118 w), 24 volt, permanent magnet
Cooling SystemForced air
Starting SystemPush button
Lubrication SystemSealed
Angle of Roatation