J&J’s Water Bug “pump” gas-powered bumper boat: the original is still going strong with over 20,000 produced.

  • BF2D Engine

Chosen for its reputation for dependable service and its reduced emissions (less smoke and less oil in the water), this motor quietly performs. Initially designed for use in the corrosive marine environment, this dependable unit has been modified to be controlled from behind and transformed to operate in bumper boat pond conditions.

  • Fiberglass Hull

This sealed, two-piece fiberglass hull comes in an array of colors to choose from. Pick two colors from our extensive color list and we’ll build it. Match it up with an optional (standard on Blasterboat) Supertube in your choice of two colors and you’ll have a boat your customers will call “dibs” on!

  • Hand Rails

J&J is always concerned with safety, and we design our products with it at the top of the design criteria. With this in mind, we added safety hand rails to the bumper boat hulls to allow safer, easier access into and out of the bumper boats.

  • Prop Guard

Our prop guards are designed to allow maximum water flow while meeting the safety requirements of all known standards. Built to last in the most corrosive of environments, our prop guards are made of stainless steel and then powder-coated to extend life and reduce electrolysis.

  • Super Tube

This multi-colored tube is a perfect match to our brilliant bumper boat hulls. Built with a urethane-coated fabric, it is much lighter than the old standard tube fitted to the gas boats, while still being just as durable.