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Gas Powered Go Karts for Sale


$9,500* for the lot of 14 sold as seen/as is.

Includes 1 NEW 6.5hp. Honda engine (still in box), extra tires & misc. parts/accessories.

Annually, we’ve spent ~$3,500 with spring conditioning/servicing each year which gets us through the season. (Oil changes, fuel lines, bearings, brakes, tires, cosmetics etc. Then “in-season” we change oil and replace tires as necessary.)

Steering and wheel bearings were all replaced in the past 2 years.  All karts have the WIDE belts that don’t break. Bearings/brakes/engines They have been EXTREMELY reliable over the years. Kart bodies are durable!

Even without a service this year (April 2021), 9 karts start first/second pull. Some karts need fuel line replacement. (We do this every other year.) Seat pads not shown but included.

Johnson Go-Karts (14 karts) all serviceable.

Note: They have not been serviced this season.

Contact Bob at  (603) 323-8882

See Photos

03/29/21 Contact Keith Plasterer (717) 554-9033 Located in Carlisle, PA

20 J&J Amusements F-22 Doubles with GX-270 engines run three seasons. Asking $4,500 each. Call Keith for more information. (717) 554-9033.


(14) 2016 Panther Single Go-Karts and (4) Double Panther Karts for sale. All karts in good condition and ready to roll. Equipped with Honda 9hp engines, retractable seatbelts, 3 gallon gas tanks, and Kartrol wiring harness. Some seat covers and steering wheel pads need repair. Oil changed Aug of 2020. $2000 per kart or all karts for $30,000.  Email inquiries to Click for photos


For sale in Detroit, MI 12 J&J Eagle Gas Karts and 6 J&J Double Eagle Gas Karts.  Karts were all manufactured and purchased new Spring of 2012.   9 operating seasons (Note we are a seasonal business only in-service May – September).  The karts all have 9HP Honda engines and 4.75HP Honda engines.  Also included our Kartol EXE system (Kart Control Receiver, Console Table Top and Pit Controller Generator).  Asking $22,500 for everything.  Can provide fairly detailed maintenance status on all karts. Contact for more information. Click for photos

11/10/20 J&J and Kreative Karts Gas Go Kars for Sale Gainsville, FL

For sale in Gainesville, FL 7 J&J Double Eagle Gas Karts, 6 J&J Single Eagle Gas Karts and 6 Kreative Karts Intruder Gas Junior Karts. J&J Karts were manufactured in 2008. Kreative Karts do not have a manufacturer date, but are most likely 2008 as well. The J&J karts are running 9HP Honda engines. The Kreative Karts are running 5.5HP Honda engines. There is no Kart control system associated with this fleet. Asking $3,500 per Double Eagle, $3,200 per Single Eagle, and $2,500 per Intruder Kart. Willing to discount for a bulk purchase.

If you’re a Facebook user, click link below.

Click for Photos11/10/20 J&J and Kreative Karts gas go Karts for sale. Gainesville, FL

Contact: Jeremy


10/20/20 Looking to Buy Go Karts Alberta, CA

Looking for 9 gas powered single karts and 3 double karts.  Wanting fairly new and in good condition.  Also looking for 4 gas powered bumper cars and 4 small kiddie karts. Call Tim Ellerby 403-505-9355  Alberta Canada

09/02/2020 Contact Wayne McKinney (336) 529-3797 Pilot Mountain, NC

Everything you need to open a Go Kart Track
I have 8 Scorpions single seaters 9hp. 2 Scorpions double seaters 9 hp.
Command Console / Traffic Control Messenger
4 Traffic Lights Assy, 12VAC
1 TOA 8 channel Powered Head/Board with/Phanton Power
1 Kartrol EX, Console Hand Held (wireless)
8 New Spindles, 4 New Seat Belts, 4 New Carburetors, New Steering Wheels, 1 Bead Breaker Tool, 1 New Gas tank, 16 seats pieces, Heads, Backs, Seats for single and double karts, 5 extra Car bodies, extra frames
Also comes with parts collection.
Buyer is responsible for all shipping cost.
Karts are sold as is. $ 35,000.00
Contact Wayne at 336-529-3797  or

Click for photos

02/18/20 Contact Brian Bessler Located in Chester, NY

We are selling 5 Eagle gokarts. We have 4 yellow and one red with Honda 9HP GX270 motors. All in good running condition. $2,000 each or $9,000 for all 5 OBO. Contact Brian Bessler for more information Click for photos


Several carts available for sale. All carts have been thoroughly Inspected and rebuilt or repaired from the ground up.. singles and doubles. Being sold individually. Located in North Florida contact seller for pictures and prices directly@ 910-660-3171. Click for photos

11/04/19 Contact James Beneway (910) 660-3171 North Florida

J&J Amusements Sidewinders for sale. All karts have been thoroughly inspected and rebuilt or repaired from the ground up. Mix of single and double seaters. Karts are located in North Florida. Contact James at (910) 660-3171 for more information. Click for photos.

08/28/19 Contact Martin at 269-209-3136 or MI

Kiddie Gas Powered Go Karts  Battle Creek, Michigan 10 Formula K – Kiddie Karts. 6 are operational, 4 are used for spares, extra parts etc. We sanded and prepared the six for paint (willing to give them a coat of paint for you if necessary), but were never finished. Also comes with parts collection. Includes cart controller box. $11,000. Contact Martin at 269-209-3136 or Click for photos.

08/28/19 Contact Martin at 269-209-3136 or MI

Gas Go Karts- Used We have the following available from our Go Kart collection. 8 Scorpions single rider – including Working Kart Controller, Honda GX160 or GX200 motors, frames, newly painted bodies (Jan 2019), 8 Minati single rider -incl Working Kart Controller, Honda GX160 or GX200 motors, frames, newly painted bodies (Jan 2019), 4 Minati doubles-incl. working Kart Controller, Honda GX160 or GX200 motors, frames, newly painted bodies (Jan 2019), 1 Formula K double – incl. working Kart Controller, Honda GX200 motor, frame.  We also have a collection of parts for the singles and doubles. Includes frames, bodies, belts, tires, axels, 32 years of parts! (6 Minati Frames-Single rider frames ($300.00 each) , 16 Minati Bodies Single rider fiberglass bodies ($100.00 each)) All karts were used this season, closed the track to upgrade. All carts are sold as is and were all gone over at the beginning of the season and periodically as needed throughout.  Sold as is.  $30,000.00 Contact Martin at 269-209-3136 or Click for photos

02/28/19 Contact Skyler McCully Canal Fulton, OH

Five Pacer gas powered Indy Karts. REDUCED to $1,000 per kart. All run and operate fully, solid condition. Bodies are clean! Certified by state of Ohio. Ready for pick up. This style of kart is hard to find. Updated to new fleet of karts. Also available is four single and two double J&J Amusements Eagles. Click for photos +

01/11/19 CONTACT MARK (917) 886-4604 STATEN ISLAND, NY

Six 2003 J&J Double Thunder Go Karts. Honda GX270 engines, one new and five rebuilt in 2018. Large gas tanks and nerf bars. All cars were in operation for the 2018 season. Additional spare parts available. All six cars for $5,880.00. Contact or (917) 886-4604. Click for photos

11/26/18 Contact Jim (484) 894-7196 Easton, PA

1 JJ Amusements Double Eagle Go Karts Blue, Wings, Nerf Bars, Large fuel tank, two 5hp and one 6.5 hp. Kartrol Sensors. All Karts have been stripped, crack inspected, cleaned and re-assembled. All bearings checked, cleaned and lubed. Alignments all checked and adjusted. Seatbelts are all good. Engines all removed, cleaned, compression tested, valves adjusted, carbs cleaned and governors set to factory spec. Clutches all inspected and rebuilt if necessary. New drive belts, air filters and oil. Frames repainted where necessary, fenders and side panel tops all repainted. All include complete axle/drive safety covers. Available singly or as a lot purchase. Also available, Kartrol Exe handheld pit transmitter unit and diagnostic unit. Contact Jim @ 484-894-7196 for pricing. Sold As-Is shipping arrangements and payment are buyer’s responsibility. Click for Photos

10/23/18 Contact Wayne (586) 295-2900 Clinton Township, MI

Qty. 7 Talons built in 2013. Talons are fully operational

Qty. 2 Stingers (Parts Karts).

$7,000 OBO… Ready to ship.

Contact Wayne (586) 295-2900 or

Click for More Info

07/12/18 Contact Jonathan at 301-802-9723

Smileys in McHenry Maryland 21541 is offering SIX Scorpion and THREE Sidewinder Go Carts built by J & J Amusements! All Karts are operational and currently in use at our facility. The Scorpion (single rider) go cart have Honda 6.5 HP engines! The Sidewinder (double rider) Go carts have Honda 9 HP engines! All reasonable offers will be considered! Multiple (whole fleet) cart buyers will be considered until Aug 1 at which time we will consider selling individual carts.Transportation is available to fleet buyers within 3 hour range. Buyers Call Jonathan at 301-802-9723 Carts available to inspect at 72 Fort Drive, McHenry MD 21541 in Western Maryland! See Flyer Here +

03/20/18 Contact Jason (330) 322-7853 Ravenna, OH

I have 8 Amusement Products Pacer Karts, Single seaters, and 4 Shaller Jr karts. All were licensed in Ohio. They were used until September of 2017. $500.00 each or $5,000.00 for all 12. Click for photos Click for photos +

01/09/18 Contact Brian or Jen (806) 231-2259 Amarillo, TX

$52,000 OBO for everything. Seven Single Eagles and four Double Eagles with Honda GX160 Engines. Also have one Single Eagle that has been used as a parts unit and never seen the track. Additional items for sale include track timer and two traffic lights, pre-ride safety announcement system, Kartrol shutdown system with two remotes, over 400 pieces of 3′ tire stakes, over 500′ of 6″ railing, track safety signs, 14′ spectator bleachers, track attendant bull horn and miscellaneous lot of new tires, cables, engine and transmission parts. Everything you need to start a new track minus the cement! Motivated seller. Would consider separating karts from track supplies.Click for photos Click for photos +

01/01/18 ***Updated 02/19/18***Contact Tim (330) 854-6999 or Canal Fulton, OH

12 used karts, 2 double seaters, 4 single seaters. Gas powered Screaming Eagle Karts. Most purchased in 2006. All fully operational! Serviced by full time mechanic. Lots of preventative maintenance. Brake lights added a few years ago. Fully certified and licensed by state of Ohio. Ready for pick up. Plenty of other parts and accessories available. All were in operation until the end of our 2017 season. Whole fleet for $17,500 or ($1,500 per kart)Click for photos Click for photos +

12/01/17Contact Terry Grady 419-478-4477

1 2004 J&J Double Seater for sale. $1300 Toledo, OH Kart,SWD/C/R/9.0 SIDEWINDER (GENERIC 9.0HP)

11/01/17 ***UPDATED 8/30/19*** Contact Sky Needre (757) 564-7600 or Williamsburg, VA

22 Pacer Go Karts for sale. We have 5 Pacer 182’s, 3 Pacer Formulas, 4 Pacer Indy and 10 Pacer 182+ two seat karts. They all have 5.5hp GX160 Honda Motors. They are operational and were used this season at our location. Click for photos Click for photos +

3/9/17 Contact Steve Jones (541) 968-1915 Springfield, OR

Portable concession go kart track with 4 J&J Amusements Sidekick double seaters, 1 Double Eagle with only 2 short seasons, it was run at a kids camp for two summers, and two single seaters. The track is square tubing that is pinned and hinges and can take a hit. I also have an enclosed trailer with awning and cabinets to keep them in and to transport to events. I also have spare tires, rims and custom jack for changing tires. Asking $15,000 for everything.Click for photos Click for photos +

2/24/17 Contact Joe Kocur (315) 237-7310 or Syracuse, NY

1/27/17 Contact Zach (845) 469-2116 Chester, NY Click for photos +

Electric Powered Go Karts for Sale

10/02/20 CONTACT MARK BLASKO (603) 491-3192 CHICHESTER, NH

18 Double Eagle Electric go-karts, new in 2009. Well maintained and all running well. Use overhead chargers. $2000 each not including batteries plus shipping or pickup in NH. Would like to sell as a fleet. Contact Mark Blasko at Chuckster’s Family Fun Park in Chichester, NH (603) 491-3192 or (603) 798-3555; Click for photos


Six J&J Amusements Falcons for sale. Karts are less than a year old and in pristine condition. Selling as a fleet, with Kartrol remove shutdown system. Price is $1,500 per kart, shipping not included.Click for photos


Eight electric J&J Amusements Falcon kiddie karts for sale. Karts were used only a couple of seasons are in great condition. All karts will need new batteries. $1,250.00 each. Click for photos

10/30/19 Contact John Mcginley (850) 384-6945 Mobile, AL

12 J&J Amusement’s Falcons. Purchased in 2015 and always run/stored indoors. Karts are in good shape and all are working. $17,,500 for all 12. Click for photos

03/13/19 Contact Serena Purcell (401) 332-7289 or

We have two yellow falcons with bumpers and one red for parts or can call or email with any questions. Thank you Serena.Click for photo.

3/30/18 W. Brian Amp Up Action Park

Looking for a few gently used electric powered double seat Go Karts.

Bumper Boats – Gas Powered

2/20/17 Contact James Zukowski (919) 812-9499

Asking $550 each bumper boat no trailer or motor. 4 available, will sell individually or as a package. 4 gas motors available 2hp for $150 each. All gas motors run but need maintenance from sitting 3 years. Or just put trolling motor and battery. 2 extra motors 2 extra tubes. 275lb capacity heavy duty tubes need cleaning. See photos here. See photos here +

Bumper Boats – Electric Powered

09/04/20 Electric Bumper Boat Parts Windermere, BC

Used bumper boat stuff out of service for several years. Condition unknown. 4-master blaster/boat motors, 2-coin operated master blasters, 5 chargers, 3 enclosures, controller/PA in enclosure, 3 loud speakers. $2500USD for everything. Will consider selling some items separately. The items are located in Windermere, BC Canada. We can pallet the items and prepare them for shipping anywhere in Canada or US. Shipping cost not included. For info Call Cris @ 250-409-5500. Click for photos

08/28/19 Contact Martin at 269-209-3136 or

J & J Electric Bumper Boats – Battle Creek, Michigan

12 working J & J electric bumper boats with squirters. Includes bodies, tubes and electric motors. These bumper boats squirt water! Only needs batteries to be operational. At least 12 battery chargers. 10 extra boat bodies all shrink wrapped with tubes. Misc new parts included, including propellers, pick up tubes for squirters, motors etc.  Located on pallets for easy shipping. $15,000 Contact Martin at 269-209-3136 or Click for photos.

03/13/19 Contact Eric Medeiros (508) 294-1523 Dartmouth, MA

10 J&J Amusements Blaster Boats. All run but need regular maintenance. Call Erick for more info (508) 294-1523. Click for photos

02/28/19 Contact Mike Doolittle (360) 580-9689 Ocean Shores, WA

I  have 12 Bumper Boats.  They have not been used and kept in storage for the last 9 years anyway.  Boats, tubes, electric motors and chargers.  Make me an offer on the bunch.  I have no current pictures of them.  would take me a bit to uncover them. Click for more info

09/13/17 Contact Tim Olson (231) 642-0442 Traverse City, MI

8 2001 J&J Amusements Blaster Bumper Boats. Five with newer electric motors, all updated with magnetic control handles, all have newer lower units and all have batteries purchased between 2011 and 2017 (batteries kept in heated storage over winter) Six have newer relay switches. Colors are faded but these boats ran great all last season (Memorial Day to Labor Day 2017) Boats come with six chargers (we have two new chargers we are keeping.) The boats DO NOT have the remote “Captains” shut off system. ALL SHIPPING is the financial/logistical responsibility of the purchaser. $6,500 without the batteries. Click for photos Click for photos +

09/13/17 Contact Bob Littlefield (401) 864-2474 Block Island, RI

10 2006 J&J Amusements electric bumper boats. All working great! Rewired all boats, marine wiring as well as new volt meters. I also have 11 chargers to go with them. Click for photos Click for photos +

2/24/17 Contact Christian Houser Hurst, TX

9 J&J Amusements Blaster Boats that are fully operational plus one additional boat that could be used for parts or brought back to working order. $4,000 for everything including all boats and chargers. Click for photos Click for photos +

2/10/17 Contact Gordon (720) 633-8183 Northglenn, CO

17 J&J Amusements Blaster Boat hulls in good working order (most are 2001 model year) 17 24v boat motors in ok condition. Most run fine but will need some attentions. IE: some will need squirter pumps, mag switches etc. 68 6v batteries in good condition. All hold a charge and most are only 1-3 years old. 17 24v master chargers in good working order. 17 boat tubes in good condition and all hold air. None of the boats have the boat captain shutdown system. See photos here See photos here +

1/20/17 Contact Gordon Senecal (720) 633-8133 Northglenn, CO

17 Boat hulls in good working order, most are 2001 model year. 17 24v boat motors in ok condition. Most run fine but will need some attention. IE: some will need squirter pumps, mag switches, etc. 68 6v batteries in good condition. All hold a charge and most are only 1-3 years old. 17 24v battery chargers in good working order. 17 boat tubes in good condition and all hold air. None of the boats have boat captain (kartrol for boats) installed.

Miscellaneous – Other equipment such as batting cages, etc or complete fun center

04/01/21 Mobile Rockwall / Bungee Jumper Combo Wall

Selling a 2016 Extreme Engineering Mobile Rockwall/Bungee Jumper Combo wall. The wall is 28′ with 3 climbing stations and the jumper has two stations that go up to appx 22 feet. We are selling the land it sits on and moving in another direction so our loss is your gain. This is a mobile unit on trailer. It is in excellent condition, minor scrapes on the trailer. But no visible deterioration on wall or jumper. and comes with 1yr old jumping poles, the jumping air mattresses and blower. Multiple size harnesses for both the jumper and the wall. Also comes with multiple controllers. The trailer will be prepped and ready to tow away. It will need new cables as they have to be replaced yeary. Appx cost is $1200 for the cables.

This sold for $50,000 in 2016, we are letting it go for $15,000. This unit accommodates guests from 45 up to 250 lbs. This attraction was very popular with the 8 to 25 market. You arrange for delivery.

We are located in Somersworth NH

email brian@hilltopfuncenter if interested and phone contact. Will share revenue. Great time of year to add a simple attraction!!!

02/08/21 7 Stall Batting Cage Kemp, TX

ABC Batting Cages, all equipment & netting. 7 cages with 2 pitching machines in each cage (7 Baseball, 7 Softball) for a total of 14 pitching machines. Contact Joey at for more information. Asking $20,000. Click for photos


Automated baseball softball coin op batting machines and cages dual stalls it’s used but in great shape $20,000 or best offer. Contact Angie Cross for more information Click for photos

02/1/2021 BUSINESS FOR SALE- AND OR PROPS Glowing Putters is a 13 Hole Mini Indoor Putt Putt Blacklight Golf Course

BUSINESS FOR SALE- AND OR PROPS. Glowing Putters is a 13 Hole Mini Indoor Putt Putt Blacklight Golf Course, Party Room and Novelty Items along with Grab and Go Snacks for Sale. We are located in Scappoose, Oregon. Golf includes Props, concrete blocks, carpet, wall murals, putters, balls, ect. Props are all professionally made by SHANKS. They include 2 pillings with Animals, birds on them, gorilla, overhead snake and leopard, bridge, anchor with parrot, huge pirate ship, pirate, wheel, overhead shark and octopus, and treasure chest with ramp for the last hole. Lots of blacklight paint included. Party room has a hand painted picture for kids to put there faces in. Multiple tables and chairs for lots of people. Many themed and colored party decorations. Wine barrels for tables with bar stools. Fridge, Candy racks, lighted showcase with many many novelty items. Large overhead Pirate Blacklight Golf sign, gas powered golf cart. Score Cards, Flyers, business logo, temporary tattoos with logo. Lighted business sign. Website is Business is turn key and ready for you. Has been successful and is looking for the right owner to take over. $125K OBO. I am ready and motivated to sell. Would like to sell as a whole business and hope for it to stay here in Scappoose, Oregon. However, I do understand if you want to move it elsewhere. I am really motivated to sell. Please email me for any inquiries at Thank you so much, Loren
See Photos

04/24/2020 Working Batting Cage For Sale Draper, Utah

Boondocks Food and Fun in Draper Utah is selling all of our batting cage equipment.  We are preparing to expand our facility by adding bowling and we need the space.  Everything goes!  This equipment was purchased in 2005 so it is about 15 years old.  The netting was not in very good shape so it has been discarded.  The sale will include:

8 AP1000 pitching machines.  3 cages were set up as duals so we were running 5 cages

5 coin boxes

5 light boxes

Center pole and collar

Center pole winch

Conveyor system/Hopper

Troughs for all the stalls

All of the fencing and poles

10 overhead light fixtures

Portable Bat and Helmet holder

Misc. parts and spares

See Photos

I would prefer to sell everything as a complete package if possible.  Take everything for $10,000!  After a few months if I haven’t sold it as a package I will consider parting it out.

If interested contact Michael Brooks- 801-573-1619


All equipment is used but in great working condition ($80,000 new): – Entire coin-operated automated cage system: $20,000 Includes all equipment necessary for a 5, dual baseball/softball, stall coin-operated batting cage (see below): 10 – MA-5 Pitching Machines (current config – 5 baseball & 5 softball dual config) 5 – Coin Operating Boxes w/ Cables & Tokens 1 – Central Hopper/Elevator Distribution System 1 – Central Control Panel 1 – 5 Stall Rectangle Batting Cage Netting/Accessories 1 – Change Machine Galvanized Pipe (for cage support) Machine Fittings Baseballs & Softballs, Baseball Bats & Helmets, Lots and lots of additional accessories Everything is packed up and in storage. Ready to be shipped or picked up. If interested please email for more information. Click for photos

12/20/19 Contact Tim Ellerby (403) 505-9355

Looking to buy Kartrol EX-56 components. Also looking for tubes for Foster bumper cars. Please call Tim at (403) 505-9355

11/29/19 Contact Daniel A. Carter at 1-716-307-9903/1-716-372-5059 or

Automated Batting Cage w/ 6 ABC pitching machines, netting system, fencing with automatic retrieval system. Model – PT8 system. Only a few years old – paid over $100,000 new.  30 year life expectancy.  Sold by J&J Amusements – Original blue prints available for disassembly/reassembly.

For more information or to acquire, please contact Daniel A. Carter at  1-716-307-9903/1-716-372-5059 or email

Information can also be found at

Automated Batting Cage to be sold at auction this Saturday, November 30th 

Where: Good Times Entertainment Facility 

              800 East State St. 

             Olean, NY 14760 

Time: 11:00am

Please Note: We are accepting phone bids!! Item will be sold to the highest bidder! Thank you!  


Thank you!


See photos here

09/04/19 Contact Terry Green (720) 273-9943 Located in CO

For Sale: 9 used Iron Mike Pitching Machines and conveyor unit. Click for more details

08/09/19 Enrico Mignone ***REDUCED PRICE 1/29/21 Located in NY

ABC pitching machines for sale. Asking $500 each. Please call Enrico for more information (718) 279-2038. Click for photos

5/3/19 Contact Connor Roche Greeley, CO

Three baseball and one softball pitching machine for sale. $500ea. Contact Connor Roche Click for photos

Wanted, Kartrol EXE Yellow

Looking for used yellow label Kartrol EXE units?  We would need at least 18 with maybe 2 spares if possible, for a total of 20 units.

Erik Peffley
Adventure Sports in Hershey

11/07/18 Contact Mike Doolittle (360) 580-9689 Ocean Shores, WA

1960’s vintage Lusse Bumper cars. 120 Volt. These were some of the first fiberglass bodied cars. I just replaced a fleet so I have the original set along with a ton of parts. Make me an offer on the fleet along with the parts.

1960’s vintage Lusse Bumper Cars. 120 Volt . A perfect addition to the Man Cave or convert it to a new ride. Make me an offer on the bunch including parts.I actually have 11 left and will take offers on the bunch including leftover parts.  See pictures…

I also have 12 Bumper Boats.  They have not been used and kept in storage for the last 9 years anyway.  Boats, tubes, electric motors and chargers.  Make me an offer on the bunch.  I have no current pictures of them.  would take me a bit to uncover them. Click for photos

08/15/18 Contact Jim (484) 894-7196 or

Golf Driving Rage equipment for sale. Click for more info. Click for more info. +

07/31/18 Contact Rick Coreas or (609) 345-5219

Looking to buy Kartrol EX-56 equipment.

6/29/2018 Contact Tim Novaak 814-771-6465

For Sale…2003 ABC 5 stall with 3 Duals batting cage. Pt-6 Electronics

1/19/2018 Contact Dick Mann

12/16/17 Contact Dan at 209-661-1581 Modesto, CA

Convault concrete above ground 900 gallon gas tank with 100 gallon diesel tank. $2500 See Photo here See Photo here +