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04/01/21 Mobile Rockwall / Bungee Jumper Combo Wall

by Kevin Derrickson

Selling a 2016 Extreme Engineering Mobile Rockwall/Bungee Jumper Combo wall. The wall is 28′ with 3 climbing stations and the jumper has two stations that go up to appx 22 feet. We are selling the land it sits on and moving in another direction so our loss is your gain. This is a mobile unit on trailer. It is in excellent condition, minor scrapes on the trailer. But no visible deterioration on wall or jumper. and comes with 1yr old jumping poles, the jumping air mattresses and blower. Multiple size harnesses for both the jumper and the wall. Also comes with multiple controllers. The trailer will be prepped and ready to tow away. It will need new cables as they have to be replaced yeary. Appx cost is $1200 for the cables.

This sold for $50,000 in 2016, we are letting it go for $15,000. This unit accommodates guests from 45 up to 250 lbs. This attraction was very popular with the 8 to 25 market. You arrange for delivery. https://extremeengineering.com/adventure-rides/

We are located in Somersworth NH

email brian@hilltopfuncenter if interested and phone contact. Will share revenue. Great time of year to add a simple attraction!!!