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11/10/20 J&J and Kreative Karts Gas Go Kars for Sale Gainsville, FL

by JJ Amusements

For sale in Gainesville, FL 7 J&J Double Eagle Gas Karts, 6 J&J Single Eagle Gas Karts and 6 Kreative Karts Intruder Gas Junior Karts. J&J Karts were manufactured in 2008. Kreative Karts do not have a manufacturer date, but are most likely 2008 as well. The J&J karts are running 9HP Honda engines. The Kreative Karts are running 5.5HP Honda engines. There is no Kart control system associated with this fleet. Asking $3,500 per Double Eagle, $3,200 per Single Eagle, and $2,500 per Intruder Kart. Willing to discount for a bulk purchase.

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Click for Photos11/10/20 J&J and Kreative Karts gas go Karts for sale. Gainesville, FL

Contact: Jeremy  jwkale@aol.com