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Better and Lower Priced
J&J’s BIGFOOT ™ TIRES are now 24 years old! You as an operator and we as a go-kart manufacturer demand the longest wearing, best-value tire that money can buy. That’s why we designed and manufacture the Bigfoot from the ground up to be the best of the best. To continue to provide the best tire out there, we hired engineers to study our design and refine the manufacturing process. It is the longest-lasting go-kart tire ever made; nothing will outlast the BIGFOOT.

Why is BIGFOOT better?

Lower Cost
More tread = longer life.
Longer wear tread compound = longer life.
12×4.00-5 concession go-kart slick on the market.
Exclusive BIGFOOT 45 degree correct placement valve stem comes with every combo tire/tube. With the correct tube, tire will last longer.
Longest lasting BIGFOOT ever made. Nothing will outlast the BIGFOOT tire. Simply the best. ASK FOR BIGFOOT. If they don’t say Bigfoot, send them back.

Contact our parts department for more details. 800-854-3140