Most electric go kart manufacturers use the same batteries, and very similar motors and controllers. The real difference in J&J’s go karts is our proven chassis and the way the available energy is utilized and managed. We have chosen a system based on a protocol developed and proven by industrial electric vehicles: battery-powered vehicles that move heavy loads in dirty, damp and dangerous environments where breakdowns could be lethal. Our system is dependable, and that pays off for our customers in continued operation and minimal downtime. Remember, down time is lost revenue

With the electric component panel cover removed, the sealed, programmable controller and the remote shut-down/speed control module are easily visible and accessible. The “plug and play” circuit board is a J&J exclusive item that allows you to easily change components or isolate problem areas, should they occur. The controller is microprocessor-controlled and allows us to build the best possible profile of ramp-up speeds, amp draws and regeneration percentages to optimize the system for concession go karts. The linear actuator takes the place of mechanical contact potentiometers used by other kart manufactures: this transfers the accelerator input to the controller. This sealed unit is used on mining equipment and is a “belt and suspenders” unit that, again, no other kart manufacturer uses.

While they all may look the same, this motor is built specifically for J&J to our requirements. We use a torque and horsepower curve that our 20-plus years in the concession go karts industry tells us will yield the best results. Large main shaft size and special fitment for the output sprocket round out our version of the popular D&D ES117 motor. This is the main power relay which is a huge safety feature of the J&J electric go karts. This unit cuts off all power to the motor while it is charging or at rest. Used in the golf cart industry for years to rectify safety concerns, J&J is the only concession go kart with this system that we are aware of.

The standard hydraulic disc brake system is tied into the electronic controller to eliminate the possibility of drivers “power braking” the kart and putting excessive load on the batteries. With electronics panel cover in place, the heavy duty switches and components are ready to go and are suitable for indoor or outdoor application.