High quality Spin Zone Bumper cars for sale. There are 5 fully functioning bumper cars in very good condition. Track barriers for arena are included in the package (one 24’2” piece, one 24’1” piece, one 21’6” piece, one 6’11” piece, one 6’5” piece, and one 4’9” piece). All mounting hardware is included. Five battery chargers, three battery stands, Ride Commander, and audio amp are also included.

The cars are easy to enter and exit for any age rider and easy to control. Operating at a maximum of three mph, they are not fast, but are very quick. Getting up to speed in less than eight feet, the Spin Zone is an exciting ride that is fun for all ages! A fun feature with the Spin Zone bumper cars is that when a driver hits the Spin Zone target on another car, it sends that car into an uncontrolled spin!

No costly electric floor needed. The Spin Zone can run on wood, concrete, asphalt, or even ice!

Manufacturer: Amusement Products LLC, Chattanooga TN, USA

Driver Min. Ht.: 36 Inches / 95 cm

Min Age: 5 years old

Max. Rider Wt.: 350 lbs / 155 kg

This package would cost almost $100,000 if you would buy it brand new from the manufacturer.


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