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A Day in the Life…

by Kevin Derrickson

I often look back at my many years working for J&J and think about parks I have visited, owners I have met and worked with, and go karts/bumper boats I have repaired for them. One memory I think about more often than I should was a sale that I made when things went all downhill from there. It was simple enough: 10 karts, pretty standard stuff, and I committed to what I thought was an adequate time frame to build and ship the karts. It was many years ago, so I do not remember all the details of why the building of the karts took a little longer than expected, but we were still on time to make delivery until another person at J&J called off the truck that was ordered for shipment. It was done with the best of intentions thinking that we could double up shipments to save the customer some money: they did not know about the time crunch. When I found out it was too late to get another truck to get the order to the park on time, I was forced to contact the customer and let them know about the day or so delay. Now there is an old saying about putting on your Teflon suit, which to those who do not know, refers to not letting the bad things stick to you. Well I do not own a Teflon suit: I take pride in things I accomplish and cannot brush off the bad quite so easily. I cannot remember everything I was called, but I am pretty certain I can’t type any of them here anyways. And of course the owner wanted to talk with my GM after he ran out of things to call me. My fondest memory from this rare occurrence was having Leon walk into my office and tell me that he promised the owner that he would take me out to the parking lot and run over me with his truck if it would make him feel better and the owner said yes. I have not actually been ran over yet, so I guess I still owe that to someone….  If you’re out there (and you know who you are), know that I still double-check for Leon before I walk to my car…


~Kevin Bell