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Bumper Boats and the things you need to know…

by Kevin Derrickson

Bumper Boats are a fun attraction at fun centers, theme parks and other entertainment facilities worldwide. Bumper Boats should be a great attraction that requires only a few attendants to supervise during peak operation and require very little maintenance. Don’t make the mistake of thinking about saving money when you purchase a new fleet. Knock off boats being sold by some manufacturers will cause you more headaches than create smiles by your guests. I have heard from many users that the some models will begin losing power after only a few hours of use and require more maintenance than quality units. J&J Amusements has been producing the bumper boat since 1975 and have spent countless hours developing and refining the boats since their inception. Everything from the seating area to the propeller has been looked at in ways to be made more efficient and longer lasting. In 1998 we introduced the electric version and since then it has become the most popular model with its 12 hour run time and very low up keep. We have sold more electric boats all over the world than any other manufacturer. So if you’re considering adding a new attraction and do not already have bumper boats, or looking to upgrade an existing fleet, do some research, call people using the equipment and make the right choice. And for all of you who would like to get a boat for your local pond, sorry we do not sell for personal use.