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Go Kart Track Trends

by Kevin Derrickson

In the last few years, we have seen a trend developing in new track construction: going “big”. We have worked with several clients who want to take go-kart tracks to the next level. Of course, wooden multi-level tracks have been around for a while, but the new tracks are going bigger, longer and higher than ever before. Parks with multiple tracks need to give the guests a reason to drive all of the tracks by making each of them different and all of them exciting. Today’s guests have so many choices for entertainment that many parks are going bigger in order to get the guest to their park or to be better than their competition. The more exciting tracks should see a larger draw from father distances, much like thrill parks. The tracks we have assisted with range from extra-long, multi-level tracks to wooden-coaster-like designs.

Another idea is theming the tracks.  We have heard of features such as racecar body panels, LED lighting around the track, race-themed tracks, or even a ¾ rock wall “enclosure” (where the kart can be seen by the attendant) that gives the guest the feeling they are driving through a tunnel. The standard track is still a popular option, but more new locations are definitely taking their track(s) to the next level!


~Kevin Bell