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Goodbye ~ Kevin Bell

by Kevin Derrickson

I have bitter sweet news to announce: Friday, December 18th will be my last day with J&J Amusements. I am very sad about leaving after spending a little over 16 years working here. I have been to more parks than I can remember, trained hundreds of new operators and attendants, and loved every minute of all of it! I have met many great operators, most of whom I consider not just people I have met in the field, but friends.

One thing that I have learned going to all of the different locations is just how much I love this industry, and even though I enjoyed working on the manufacturing level, I really missed being out where the fun is happening. So, beginning in January, I will be at a fun center somewhere (I can’t say now for specific reasons), going back to my roots in this industry.

One thing I have been very lucky to experience is being able to work for and with great people in this industry. I will miss all of the wonderful people at J&J and want to thank them all for all of the great memories, experience and opportunities I had here. The manufacturing quality, combined knowledge and customer service in J&J is second to none and I have always been proud to be a part of it. 

I hope to see many of the operators I have gotten to know in the future, maybe at an IAAPA show or other conference I may attend. I would leave my new cell number here for my industry friends, but I am hoping to finally get the lady who is trying to sell me an extended warranty for a truck I haven’t had for 8 years to finally stop calling me!!!


~ Kevin Bell