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Introducing Rock Light by J&J Amusements

by Kevin Derrickson

Light up your track and send your revenue soaring with Rock Light by J&J Amusements


Have you been looking for a quick and easy way to revamp your track without breaking the bank? Futuristic LED lights streaking colors across your dips and turns as the karts whiz by will be sure to turn heads.The flashiest games bring in the most money in your arcade, so why not bring that concept out to the bigger action of your already popular go karts? These LED enhancements are the wave of the future in this highly digital age.Don’t let your track be caught in the dark.

• Easy to add to existing fleet
• Add to new fleet
• Super bright, broad coverage
• High quality construction
• Strong, Neodymium magnet for mounting
• Weather sealed and impact resistant

Kits starting from $125.00!
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