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Operation Tips

by Kevin Derrickson

Here is a little tip that I used to do to help ensure a smooth daily operation at your fun center. In the mornings after all of the opening procedures are complete, gather the employees for a morning meeting. Go over the day with your employees; items like the birthday party schedule, break schedules, safety reminders and any other pertinent  information that is useful to that particular day. Don’t forget to have the maintenance crew involved; problems seen by opening employees can be brought to their attention as well. The closing crew was also scheduled to arrive 15 minutes before the opening crew left for the same meeting time together. Even midday employees got a quick briefing from managers when time allowed. Spending this short time preparing for the day brings everyone together and promotes a team attitude throughout the day. I am sure most parks are already doing this and having great results, but for those who may not have tried it yet, you’ll be surprised how much this helps your days. Taking this idea a step further, it is also a good idea to meet with the maintenance personnel after busy weekends to see how the equipment is doing. Do you have the spare parts to do the maintenance during the week so the equipment is ready for the upcoming weekend or groups?


~ Kevin Bell