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Peak season is just around the corner; are you ready?

by Kevin Derrickson

As the summer months arrive, is your fun center ready to switch into high gear?

You have hired personnel and trained them. You have cleaned the facility and re-painted areas needing attention. The landscapers have all of the flowers blooming and grass cut.  Have you remembered to get extra supplies? It’s not too late to stock up on some items that you will need during the peak season. Too many parks contact us in July trying to get parts overnighted to have their equipment ready for the busy weekend. Paying extra for overnight service is very expensive and adds up quickly. When the guest is at your center and wants to have a good time, be sure all the equipment is working; thinking ahead can prevent having equipment down while you wait for parts or service. Parts for karts, boats, or video games, birthday party supplies, cleaning supplies, drink cups and food supplies… whatever the item might, be you don’t want to be worrying about being out when you need them most.