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Save money, use less fuel…

by Kevin Derrickson

Now that the the busy season has hit, fun centers, keep in mind how to reduce your fuel costs and keep the guests happier.

A properly-tuned engine not only makes guests happier, it requires less fuel. Make sure the air filter is clean and properly installed, fuel filters are clean, valves are adjusted properly and carburetors are clean; the gas-powered motors will start more easily and require less fuel. For electric karts, the power in the batteries is just like the gas in the tank. To keep them from drawing more power, the cables should be clean and in good condition. On both models, proper tire pressure will go a long way to keeping the performance of the karts high.

Don’t forget about the bumper boats!  They too should be checked to keep them running well. Low air pressure in the tube will cause the boat to run low in the water and use more fuel in gas-powered models, and more energy in electrics. Blocked propeller cages will do the same: make sure the propeller cage is present and clear of any debris to maintain peak performance.

Regularly scheduled maintenance will keep your equipment running well and keep costs down. Make sure you follow manufacturer’s maintenance schedules.

Keep them smiling!!   


~Kevin Bell