Safe. Durable. Fun.

Our go kart and bumper boat designs include structures and materials that are lasting and durable. Providing you with the most economical and efficient products means you can stretch your dollar further and increase your amusement park’s profitability.

We stand behind our go karts and bumper boats, hand-crafting them with pride to be able to withstand wear and tear that comes with the laughter they generate. They will outlast the fun, and we even provide the industry’s best warranty to back that up. We believe reliability in manufacturing is about minimal repairs and replacements and low maintenance costs. This means a higher return on investment, and more money to invest into growing your FEC.

In the end, the go karts and bumper boats you purchase from J&J Amusements should increase park usage, attract families, and provide fun all around, for everyone.

Quality Assurance Policy

J&J’s quality assurance is based on the understanding that outgoing J&J-manufactured products will maintain a consistent level of quality and safety, and we strive to provide on-time delivery to our valued clients. J&J is committed to meeting customer needs for go karts, bumper boats and innovative ride design. J&J’s quality assurance and the success of our clients is the highest priority of all J&J team members.

Safety Philosophy

At J&J Amusements’ manufacturing facility, safety is paramount. Without ensuring our products are safe and reliable, we know they wouldn’t be very fun. Our manufacturing process delivers quality and durability that is unmatched in the industry. All of our team technicians have the training and skills to deliver consistent products, on time, every time.

With over 30 years of experience, we consistently deliver a quality product, reliable manufacturing and on-time delivery, all at the most economical price.

Once you purchase your fleet, we provide you with operation and training videos to ensure you and your staff are confident in operating and maintaining your go karts and bumper boats, and we are always just a phone call away. Our goal is to make the necessary maintenance as simple and stress-free as possible.

Purchasing our products is the beginning of our relationship with you. We are dedicated to customer support because we know a well-informed customer is integral to providing safety in operations, maintenance, and upkeep.

Product Longevity

At J&J, we’re proud to stand behind quality manufacturing practices. We incorporate the use of long-lasting and durable materials in our product designs. This makes them more reliable and keeps repairs and replacements minimal, thus reducing maintenance costs and product turnover and keeping discarded, worn-out parts to a minimum.

Putting Experience First

J&J believes safety and experience go hand in hand. Our future projects will center on enhancing the guest experience down to the smallest detail. From comfort and a simple design, to ease of use, we want the user to quickly adapt and feel comfortable riding our go karts and bumper boats, so they can focus more on the experience and less on how to use the equipment.

We strive for intuitive, clearly-defined features, making it easy for adults and 5-year-olds alike to operate. With double and single go karts, each designed for specific age ranges, and both gas and electric bumper boats that include built-in, interactive water squirters, we manufacture our products to cater to individualized needs.

When a guest is riding our go karts and bumper boats, we want them to feel confident in our product so they can let loose and just enjoy. When they are finished, we want them to remember the laughter and excitement – and look forward to doing it all over again.