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Double Eagle

The matching double-seat version to our popular Eagle single-seat model, Double Eagles allow the passenger the most room of any of our two-seat models, making it very easy for the guest to get into the kart and ready for their race. They are also the safest open-body kart in the… read more +

Sidewinder Double

With lots of room for sponsor decals, this stylish, double-seat design looks the most car-like of all the designs we offer. This closed cockpit kart turns heads as it turns laps. All moving parts are securely covered, and the safety does not stop there: 4-point seat belts, a padded steering… read more +


The J&J Sidekick has it all, including the largest cockpit in the industry! The Sidekick two-seat go kart has revitalized the go kart industry. All moving parts are covered and guarded to reduce the risk of exposure. The stylish Sidekick two-seat body also has the most exterior room for advertising… read more +

King Scorpion

It’s natural progression that brings the two-seat King Scorpion into existence. The wide open driver/passenger area offers the best of all combinations between safety and accessibility. All moving parts are covered and guarded to reduce the driver’s and rider’s exposure. The body features curvaceous styling with flair reminiscent of some… read more +

F-22 Double

Taking cues from our most popular go kart models (the Eagle and the Scorpion), the F-22 Double features a low-profile body with open-style leg areas for ease of entry and exit. The sleek F-22 body has plenty of room for graphics and sponsor decals. Another great feature of the F-22s… read more +