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Eagle Electric

Simple, rugged, and easy to maintain, the Eagle is the safest open-body kart in the industry. All moving parts are covered and guarded to reduce the risk of exposure while staying very easy for the guest to get into the kart and ready for their race. The open design gives… read more +


The J&J Can-Am single-seat go kart is the go kart that started it all! The Can-Am go kart provided the foundation for all karts that have followed in J&J’s record-setting lineup. J&J's requirements for the Can-Am were that it be easy to maintain, safe, clean and fun to drive. The… read more +


Taking cues from our most popular go kart models (the Eagle and the Scorpion) the F-22 has it all: low body lines to enhance the feeling of speed for the guest, but enough body surface to add exciting graphics or advertising. The F-22 allows maintenance to be performed without having… read more +