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Thanks for making such a great product

by JJ Amusements

Let me tell you a short story about the highlight of my summer vacation. Three weeks ago, we took the family to Sonoma then to Yosemite. A day off in between to go to Six Flags Vallejo. While I was there, I asked my 7 year old boy if he wanted to ride the go karts. Obviously he did. We paid our fee and got into line. I carefully studied the karts to see if any of them had advantages or disadvantages. I was a little underwhelmed with all of them. They were being driven like little old ladies going to church. I hoped it wasn’t the karts. When our turn came, we grabbed a green one and strapped in.

I was pleased to see a nice 4 point harnesses. I also made an assumption that the track was probably set up so that it could be run at full throttle as top speed seemed to be limited fairly low. To my VERY pleasant surprise, the kart was set up very well to allow me to practice throttle steering. As my son will tell you, we lapped everyone two or three times in our seven minute time allotment. He had a fantastic time. Naturally after such a great ride, I took my 9 year old girl back for more of the same.

I had such a completely fantastic time on the karts that I made mental note of who made them. I saw J&J Amusements. When I came back home I looked up your website. I want to give you my thanks for making such a great product. I think my 14 minutes on a kart track were the highlight of my summer.

Call me simple, but it was fun. — Larry